Traveling 20 hours to Croatia! | STEVE AND CIARA DO CROATIA #1

Traveling 20 hours to Croatia! | STEVE AND CIARA DO CROATIA #1

Where to start?!

Well, I guess I could start by telling you that I am currently sitting on a bed, in the second floor of a house on the top of a hill, and that hill is on the highest point of an island, and that island is called Olib, and that Island of Olib is a part of the country called Croatia, and this country is where my amazing fiancé's family hails from (on his father's side)...and we are here...for ONE WHOLE MONTH.

My goal before we set off, was to update y'all here on the blog, complete with photo and video, at least every other day. But you know what, I got WAY to busy living and soaking it in that finding a free moment to hop on my laptop has been more difficult that I thought! 

I've already taken so much footage that I started to feel overwhelmed (not in a negative way, more of an excited way) of how I was going to organize it all and share the things I think would be awesome to show to you guys. I think I'm going to keep 90% of the footage private for our family, future children, and to share when we have close friends over and what not, but what I do share on here, I hope, serves as a open door to this amazing time in my/our lives, and inspires you to travel, learn, explore, and cherish moments with the one/s you loved most.

I was excited to write these posts with the best grammar and in the most detail I could muster, but I think I'm going to stop over thinking it. ;)

For the most part, I'm just going to upload the photos and write a little bit below them if I have something to say. If you don't feel like reading, you can just stroll and give your eyes some beautiful imagery to rest on. 


The night before we were to fly out, I packed up all of Moriarty's (our puppy son) things to take him over to grandma/grandpa/uncles (my family's) house. :D He was so excited to see all his puppy brothers but I was so sad to leave him. Obviously, it was difficult to say goodbye to my family for so long as well, but Mori is with me pretty much 24/7 so it was almost like leaving my arm or my leg behind, haha. 

Then, in true Steve and Ciara form, we packed late the evening before our flight and slept for a couple hours before an acquaintance of Steve's from years back totally came through to drive us to the airport and saved us $60-$100 on fare. (Side note: Charlie was such a sweetheart. He drove almost 2 hours to our house that morning (meaning he woke up at 4am) to take us. He has a young child and a girlfriend, and doesn't know me and hardly knew Steve, but was kind enough to answer the need via Steve's Facebook status. What a kind guy. Awesome conversation on the way to the airport as well. Thanks for opening up and sharing your story with us, Charlie!)

We flew a couple hours to Denver, and then 9 hours to Munich.

|waiting for our flight during our 3 hour layover in Denver|


The flight to Munich was awesome. I'll be adding in some video footage once I put it all together so you guys can see the airplane (if you're like me, 27 and never left the country, you'll be floored just like I was). It was silly because the entire staff spoke, i dunno, like, 4 languages. Most of them spoke English in more proper form than S and me! When they asked what we wanted to drink, Steve and I decided to treat ourselves to ONE drink each because we didn't want to waste money on adult beverages. "How much is a vodka soda?", we asked. She looked at us like we were idiotic and said, "It costs nothing." and made a face like this -_-. You would've thought she gave us a winning lottery ticket because Steve and I high fived and "WHOOOAAAA"d so loud. haha! Any way, neither of us are huge drinkers, so we had a couple drinks and some wine with our odd little airplane meals and left it at that. 


  • The bathroom was in the "basement" of the plane and I thought that was pretty neat.
  • Unlimited amount of free movies/tv that they had on little "ipad" type devices in front of every seat
  • We sat by a cute couple that started talking to us because they "liked how in love [we] are" and learned a little about their story. They have been together a total of 13 years, married for 8, but spent 3 years apart with a dating other people in the middle of that 13. They dated other people and were in serious relationships, but realized they were meant for each other. They adopted a little girl about 6 years ago and are so in love with her. So sweet. I think they are in Denmark right now visiting their friends for one more week. If you're reading this, hope you're having a blast! 
  • Got to play trivia on the tablet with Steve while it was "bedtime" on the plane and the lights were dim. I love trivia. I love Steve.
  • When we landed, WE WERE IN MUNICH!



We had a 4 hour layover in Munich and then took a quick 1 hour flight to Zadar. 

Right when we picked up our luggage at the airport in Zadar (mainland), Slavko (Steve's dad) was there to greet us with a smile, a cigarette, and some roses. Immediately, I could see where Steve got his looks from... and his sense of humor. Even after such long travel, we felt completely refreshed to see the man we've travelled so far to see! He took us to a cute restaurant right on the harbor. Then we hopped into his boat and took a quick and BEAUTIFUL 30/4O minute ride to the Island Olib, where Steve and I will be living for the month. 

Once we arrived at the island, Slavko had one of his MANY MANY MANY cousins on the island give us a golf cart ride to the house, (there are no roads on the island, just paths that can fit a quad or small cart). We brought our luggage into our house and got a quick tour. It's so incredible that this is the house that Slavko grew up in. The outside is original, and he spent a lot of time, sweat, and money remodeling the inside ON HIS OWN when he moved back to the island from America in '05. 

We chatted for a bit, went upstairs to look out the window across the island, I set out our clothes and organized them on the shelf (wouldn't be able to sleep unless I did that first #OCD), and then we went to sleep. 

Never experienced jet lag? Well...neither had I really, until that next morning! Lol. We woke up at 6am Olib time, which is 9pm the night before in our time. So to say we were on the struggle bus for the first week would be an understatement. We didn't let it get in the way of spending time by the sea, at the cafe, with Slavko, and what not...

We are actually still on the time zone struggle bus, honestly. How long does it take to readjust? 

I'm still enjoying tiny coffees, the amazing view, and not understanding how I am so blessed to have the opportunity I have here, with the man I love...but I'm not gunna argue. 

I'll post more soon, once I can organize the next batch. Until then, we send love from the Island! If you'd like to see more stuff in real time, you can follow our snapchats and instagram:



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